Prof. Yael Poyas

Treasurer of the International Association for Research in L1 Education

Yael Poyas is a professor at Oranim College of Education, Israel. She teaches language acquisition and literature in M.Ed programs. She has been a member of ARLE (IAIMTE) since 1999. Her fields of interest are reading literature in multicultural contexts, the discourse in the literature classroom and language teacher education. Her research explores relations between text and readers in multicultural groups, and readers' relations among themselves. Her book (in Hebrew), "Literature in a Multicultural Space", tells the story of three groups of Arab and Jewish teachers reading and discussing novels. Her paper with Ilana Elkad-Lehman, "Reading it my way: Reading literature in a conflicted multicultural setting", was published in L1 (2016), and another paper, "Facing the Other: Language and Identity in Multicultural Literature Reading Groups", will be published in JLIE (Journal of Language, Identity & Education).