Dr. Xavier Fontich

Vice-chair International Association for Research in L1 Education

I hold a tenure-track position (2015-20) at the Faculty of Education in the UAB (Spain), after completing the transition from school (1995-2014). I earned my PhD in 2010 and held a post-doc position for 2014-16 (Exeter U., AGAUR/Marie Curie Actions-BPA00036). Between 2010-19 I have published more than 50 academic and professional products (in Catalan, Spanish, French, and English) in peer-reviewed journals (some of them rellevant educational journals: Research Papers in Education, , Language and Linguistics Compass, L1-Studies on Language and Literature) and relevant publisher houses (Graó, Octaedro, Peter Lang, L’Harmattan). I have been an invited keynote speaker in Argentina (2014, 2016), an invited teacher at the Universidad de Jaén (Spain) (2019 2018 2017 2016), a reviewer for several journals (Language Awareness, Education and Linguistics, Research Papers in Education, Journal of Writing Research, International Journal of English Linguistics), a member of research projects granted by the Spanish Government, and a participant in conferences for research (EARLI 2019, 2017, ARLE 2019-accepted 2017, ALA 2014, ECER 2012, SEDLL 2018) and teacher education (FECIA 2013). I have published pedagogic material (Spanish Government, 2011). I am a co-coordinator of the ARLE SIG-EduLing and I hold 2 six-year-period research premium awarded by the National Research Agency in Spain (2006-11, 2012-17).