Dr Jordi Casteleyn

Secretary of the International Association for Research in L1 Education

Jordi Casteleyn (1980) graduated with a Masters in Germanic Languages and Teacher Education from Ghent University (Belgium) in 2003. In the following ten years, he gained teaching experience in a wide array of educational settings. In 2013, he defended his PhD in Educational Sciences on the topic of new media and giving presentations. Since 2015, he has been assistant professor at the Antwerp School of Education and the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Antwerp (Belgium). Within the academic teacher training programme, he is responsible for Didactics Dutch as L1, Didactics Dutch as a Second Language and Language Policy. Being a member of the research group Didactica, his research focuses on three fields within the context of secondary education: 1) the development and training of speaking competence of adolescents, 2) the interplay of literature education and reading comprehension, 3) improving the language competence of low-literate multilingual students. In addition to this, he often acts as an expert of L1 education for local policy organizations, such as curriculum development committees within educational networks, or non-profit organizations concerned with reading promotion or supporting the Dutch language at home and around the world. Within the international Association for Research in L1 Education (ARLE), he fulfils the duty of secretary of the executive board.