Special Interest Groups

At the IAIMTE 5 conference in Albi, initiatives were taken to establish special interest groups. Since then, many other SIGs have been established. These groups organize activities with and for the SIG members, such as

  • symposia at ARLE and other conferences
  • research seminars in the year between the ARLE conferences
  • special issues for L1-Educational Studies in Language & Literature, the peer reviewed international research journal that ARLE has published since 2000

  • For the most updated information on the SIGs, please refer to the SIG business reports on the SIG pages.

    Special interest Coordinators (email)
    1 Research on Literature Education

    Heidi Høglund (Finland)
    Irene Pieper (Germany)

    2 Teacher Education Yael Poyas (Israel)
    Elizabeth Loh (Hong Kong)
    3 Educational Linguistics Ana Luísa Costa (Portugal)
    Xavier Fontich (Spain)
    4 Literacies: Reading, Writing & Oracies Jesper Bremholm (Denmark)
    Astrid Neumann (Germany)
    Byeonggon Min (South Korea)
    Anneke Wurth (Netherlands)
    5 Dialogic Teaching, Learning & Assessment Sue Brindley (UK)
    Tina Høegh (Denmark)
    6 Technology and Literacy Education Dimitrios Koutsogiannis (Greece)
    Scott Bulfin (Australia)
    7 Multilingual Research Yamina El Kirat El Allame (Morocco)

    If you considering arranging a SIG event, please refer to the guidelines for applying for ARLE funding for SIG events here.