SIG Research on Literature Education

SIG ROLE - Research on Literature Education is pleased to announce a webinar on the theme “Memory Culture in Literature Education,” on 20–21 May 2021. The aim is to explore the theme of memory culture from the perspectives of literature and literature education. Keynotes from the fields of philosophy and children’s literature will provide insights into the theme and offer a basis for discussion, as well as proposals from participating scholars from around the world. Submission is no longer possible, but if you have questions about participation, please contact Heidi Höglund.



The Special Interest Group ROLE organizes various activities:

Symposia on ARLE conference

At the 12th ARLE conference in Lisbon Marloes Schrijvers organised an invited SIG ROLE Symposium on the theme "Systematic Design of Interventions for Literary and Reading Instruction" (June 27, 2019). See abstract.

At the 11th ARLE conference in Tallinn a SIG symposium was organized on “Changing perspectives on self and others in the literature classroom”. Conveners were Marloes Schrijvers, Tanja Janssen (the Netherlands) and Irene Pieper (Germany). See abstract.


In June 2018 members of SIG ROLE met for a seminar at the University of Hildesheim. Theme of the seminar was “Interaction in the Literature Classroom”. The aim of the seminar was to provide insights into different approaches to research on interaction in the literature classroom as a means of learning and discuss ongoing research in an international context. In two workshops groups of experts and the conference community discussed empirical data from both plenary and peer group discussions about reading experiences and approaches to literature. For more information see the call and the program of the seminar.

In June 2016 a two-day PhD-seminar was held at the University of Amsterdam. The seminar offered PhD candidates in the field of literature education the opportunity to exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences, and to discuss their ongoing research with experts. About ten PhD-candidates and seven experts participated.

Special Issues L1

Until now, SIG ROLE prepared three special issues of L1 Educational Studies in Language and Literature:

Future issues are under consideration. Search for volumes and paper in the L1 Journal System or go to the the journal's home